10 Fun Things to Bring for Your Camping Trip

fun things to bring camping

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Camping is fun, especially when you bring some cool stuff. There are plenty of fun things to pack for your camping adventure, but these items will make your trip more fun and exciting.

Let’s check out some simple yet enjoyable items that add extra fun. Make sure to include them in your camping checklist.

1. Camping Game Items

These camping items are just basics; some may not be popular in your country. You can choose whatever interests you. 

  • Chess Board
  • Deck of cards and a cribbage board
  • Kickball or spike ball (bring the ball)
  • Frisbee
  • Badminton Set
  • Ball gloves and a baseball
  • Water gun – great for kids! 
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Ladder Golf
  • Tug of War Rope

2. Fishing Rod

fishing while camping

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Bring your fishing rod and tackle box if you plan to fish during your camping trip. The great part is that you can cook your catch, so your meal is sorted. We do this every time we’re near rivers or lakes. Bring your knife to clean the fish quickly, and bring salt and spices for added flavor.

3. Campfire Cooking Supplies

Some people enjoy cooking outdoors, so bring a portable grill or a cast iron skillet to cook delicious meals over the campfire. Pack cooking utensils, marshmallow skewers, and aluminum foil for easy cleanup. 

Some campgrounds have these amenities. You need to be ready to cook food, or you can bring make-ahead camping meals so they’re easy for you to prepare. 

4. Hammock

Set up a hammock between two trees to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors. It’s a perfect spot for reading a book, taking a nap, or simply soaking in the beautiful scenery.

5. Portable Speaker

Bring a portable Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your favorite music while sitting around the campfire or during outdoor activities. It adds a fun and lively atmosphere to your camping trip. 

But remember, some campsites have rules about loud music. 

6. Binoculars

kids holding binoculars

Pack a pair of binoculars to explore the surrounding wildlife and scenery. This is an excellent item if you’re camping with kids. They will definitely enjoy spotting birds, animals, and beautiful landscapes more with binoculars.

7. Guitar or your instrument

If you’re musically inclined, bring a guitar or instrument to entertain your camping companions with campfire sing-alongs. It’s a great way to bond and create unforgettable memories.

8. Inflatable Air Sofa

An inflatable air sofa creates a cozy and comfortable seating area. It’s lightweight and easy to inflate, making it a practical choice for camping trips.

9. Tripod

taking pictures in mountains

Photo credit: Quang Nguyen Vinh

If you enjoy stargazing, bring a tripod to set up your camera and capture stunning night sky views. The tripod provides stability and allows for long-exposure shots without any blurring.

Or if you love making Tiktok videos while camping. The tripod is also one of those forgettable items to bring on camping. So make sure to pack this the day before your camping trip.

10. Drones

If you love photography, this is a fun gadget to bring while camping. Drones can capture amazing aerial shots of the camping site and surrounding landscape. 

Before bringing one, make sure to check the regulations and restrictions on drone usage in the camping area.

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