Best Car Camping Destinations in the Philippines

Car Camping Destinations in the Philippines

Are you looking for your next adventure? Why not try car camping? This is a great outdoor activity to enjoy with your kids. You can relish your family’s privacy and have the energy for your planned activities, unlike hiking to your destination, right?

The great thing about car camping is that you can bring your pillow and sleep well in the passenger seat, then feel recharged for the upcoming days. Our team has compiled the best car camping destinations in the Philippines with updated rates and amenities for you to stay informed about any changes they’ve made.

Now, fuel up, pack your tent, and let the camping begin!

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Camp BOA, Tanay

Camp BOA Rizal

Image credit: Camp Boa via Facebook

Camp BOA is a great camping destination that offers abundant flora and fauna, fresh air, and if you love stargazing, this is the perfect spot for you. They have flat campgrounds that provide space for pitching tents. They also have basic amenities like toilets and showers to ensure comfort, and a bonfire pit invites cozy evenings. With a grounds maintenance team on hand, Camp BOA promises a hassle-free wilderness retreat.

Camp BOA Rates:

  • Day Trip: P500 per head
  • Overnight Trip: P800 per head
  • Brgy environmental fee: P100 per head
  • Check-in: 11 am (possible early check-in)
  • Check-out: 11 am (overnight) / 8 pm (day trip)

What’s not available:

  • Cell phone signal
  • Electricity
  • Drinking water
  • Toiletries
  • Accommodation (bring your own tent)
  • Garbage collection (keep the area clean, bring your own bags, and take your non-food trash with you when you leave)


  • Advanced booking is required. (No walk-ins)
  • Two river crossings require vehicles with ample ground clearance. Please use pick-ups or SUVs, especially during the rainy season when water levels may rise.

Sta Ines Road, Rizal, Philippines


Viewscape Nature's Park, Tanay Rizal

tent camping in viewscape Tagaytay

Image Source: Viewscape Nature’s Park via Facebook

Escape the city hustle for the ultimate outdoor adventure at Viewscape Nature’s Park in Tanay, Rizal! Situated against the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Madre mountain range, this haven boasts cozy glamping tents and charming A-style cabins. Just a short 1-2 hour drive from Metro Manila, it’s your perfect escape to tranquility. Discover your bliss at one of the finest camping sites in the Philippines!

Viewscapes’ Facilities and Amenities:

  • Bonfire Place
  • Astrophotography
  • Viewing Deck
  • Glamping Area
  • Caldera Bath
  • Pet-friendly

Viewscape Nature’s Park Fees:

  • Room Accommodations, Glamping Tents, and Couple Tents: starts at Php 400
  • Car camping for one slot including the TENT PITCHING FEE ( your own tent) – Php1,000 – 2 tents (regular size, 2-3 people each) can fit in one slot, including your car.

Additional Payment for:

  • Entrance per head
  • Overnight Php 300
  • Daytrip Php 200
  • (5 years old and below free of charge)

They have a first-come, first-served policy, so slot reservation is not available.

Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

0985 825 8346 / [email protected]

Edna's Beach and Campsite, Batangas

Ednas beach campsite

Image source: Edna’s Beach and Campsite via Facebook

If you enjoy beach camping in Batangas like I do, then Edna’s Beach campsite is the perfect spot for you! You can set up your tent right by the shore and feel the fresh air that can give you relaxation. The great thing about this campsite is they have a no-karaoke and no-loud music policy so you and your family can have a peaceful outdoor experience. Also this is a pet-friendly campsite so you can bring your pet and enjoy playing in the beach! Plus, with nearby amenities, car camping in Batangas couldn’t be more convenient.

Edna’s Beach Amenities:

  • Clean shower room & Toilet (CR)
  • Grilling Area (Bring your own utensils)
  • Bonfire: PHP300 – 1hr

Car Camping Rates:

  • Day Tour: PHP 280 per person
  • Overnight: PHP 380 per person
  1. Car Camp No Awning: PHP 300
  2. Car Camp With Own Awning: PHP 500
  3. Car Camp With Own Car Setup: PHP 500
  4. Car Camp With Own Roof Tent: PHP 500
  5. Car Camp With Own Tarp: PHP 800
  6. Car Camp With Own Roof Tent and Awning: PHP 1,100

Brgy. Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas, Calatagan, Philippines

0970 823 6275 / [email protected]

El Paye Beach, Batangas

El Paye Beach Resort

Image source: El Paye Beach via Facebook

Another beach camping site near Manila, El Paye offers car camping, motor camping, and open cottages with rooms, all set away from the city for a serene getaway. It’s a place to unplug from reality and enjoy the best sunsets. Plus, it’s pet-friendly and welcomes kids. There’s no corkage fee, and it’s particularly uncrowded, especially on weekdays.

El Paye Rates for Camping

(Car Camping, Motor Camping, Tent Pitching Only):

  • For 2 people: PHP 1500
  • For 3 people: PHP 2000
  • For 4 people and above: PHP 500 per person
  • Kids aged 5 to 12: PHP 350 per child

El Paye Beach Activities:

  • ISLAND HOPPING – PHP300 per person


  • Bring your own utensils for camping. 
  • Expect rough roads when entering Sitio. Lowered vehicles may encounter difficulty.
  • If you have 15 or more people camping, they offer a free Kubo Fan room.

El Paye , Lian, Philippines

0965 085 2070 / [email protected]

Camp Spotted Wood, Quezon

Camp Spotted-wood

Image source: Camp Spotted Wood via Facebook

Camp Spotted-Wood is a cozy spot tucked away in Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort. Nestled by the Bulakin River, it’s a peaceful place to spend the night. You can choose from 25 campsites, including 8 that offers a beautiful view of the river.

Camp Spotted Wood Amenities:

  • Picnic and log tables
  • Firepits
  • Bonfire areas
  • Common shower and toilet
  • Wash area
  • Secured parking area
  • Charging area for electronics

Camp Spotted Wood Rates:

  • Adult – PHP500
  • Child (3-6 y.o)  – PHP300
  • 2 y.o below – FREE
  • Parking Fee – PHP200


For pets, they require a copy of their health records (current vaccinations) and responsible pet parenthood.

Villa Escudero, Km. 91, Tiaong, Philippines

[email protected] /  +63 917-583-7727, +63 917-114-1770

The Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campground, Laguna

Car camping in Silent sanctuary

Image credit:

Discover Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campground in Cavinti, Laguna—a trending campsite born from Overland Kings’ charity work for the DEAF School in Caliraya. With four unique campsites catering to different vehicle capacities, it offers exclusive spots for car camping groups. Book in advance as weekends fill up quickly.

Silent Sanctuary Reserve Campground Rates:

  • Adult: PHP 500 per night
  • Vehicle: PHP 2,000
  • Car with trailer: PHP 3,000

Island Campsite (Exclusive):

A hidden gem with a private dive platform, rope swing, and access to a mini waterfall for soaking and meals. Accommodates up to 5 vehicles and 20 campers.

Lakeview Campsite (Exclusive):

Located at the heart of the grounds with central lagoon access, perfect for smaller groups. Fits 2-3 vehicles and up to 10 campers.

Mountain View Campsite (Exclusive):

This camp boasts a deck overlooking the lagoon, offering a scenic spot for meals or leisure. Accommodates up to 4 cars and around 20 campers.


There are 4 slots at the campsite where groups of 10 campers can stay. In the middle of the site, there’s a shower facility with a deck that can be used as a hall.

Clubhouse Area:

Here, you’ll find the swimming pool and outdoor obstacle course. It’s also near the mess hall and the shower facility.

Cavinti, Laguna

Batis ng Kalikasan, Laguna

Batis ng Kalikasan camping

Image Credit: Batis ng Kalikasan via Facebook

Another fantastic car camping spot for summer is Batis ng Kalikasan in Santa Maria, close to Pililla, Rizal. It offers an open green space next to a refreshing stream where you can enjoy a dip and relax. They also provide all-in camping packages for overnight stays, which include a tent for five people, bedding, tables, chairs, and cooking equipment.

Batis ng Kalikasan Camping Rates:

  • Car Camping: PHP 800
  • Awning Tent: PHP 300
  • Moto Camping: PHP 300
  • Tent Pitching: PHP 240
  • Entrance: PHP 240
  • Hammock: PHP 200

Barangay Sitio Calangay Kalye Putol Sta. Maria Laguna, 4022

[email protected] / 0968 851 0810

Start Your Car Camping Adventure!

Embarking on a car camping adventure in the Philippines opens up a world of possibilities, with numerous destinations awaiting exploration. By choosing sites where camping activities are vibrant and rates are readily available, you can ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. So, start your journey, pitch your tent, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature!

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